Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Dear Tr. Lyn,

Summer is coming and I would love to have my vacation in Ph. Where is the best place? I hate super hot summer..Thanks

Hello, Thanks. Anyways, many beach resorts here in ph that you can visit. But if you want a cool weather because super hot in summer just go to Tagaytay or Baguio.

Try reading this! Baguio 

You can not go there by plane, so try to read my experience in going to Baguio.



Dear Tr. Lyn,

Isn't true that Bohol is a nice place to visit even though the roads are not developed yet? I want to take diving lessons in the Philippines and I would like to ask you where to study.

Hello, Thank you. yes, Bohol is beautiful but there are some parts of this place which is very quite. All the roads are good but it is not wide especially going to a certain place like Panglao.

Here is my trip to Bohol 

You can take diving lessons in Bohol.


Dumaguete City

Dear Tr. Lyn,

I am a  foreigner and I am looking for a place to live in for my retirement. Any suggestion living in the Philippines? I like simple life and peaceful place. Everything is accessible. Thanks

Hello, Thanks for dropping by. I would love to suggest all places here in Ph hehehe kidding..

Try to read my trip to Dumaguete City 

I hope I gave you idea where to live now :)



Dear Tr. Lyn,

I ever wondered if there is still another way to go to Boracay aside from taking plane?
I have  read that Boracay is such a nice beach to visit but expensive. hehe
Any suggestion?

Hi, thanks, Yes there is another way going there.

Read my experience in traveling to Boracay. 

Enjoy the fascinating beauty of the beach :)


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tacloban City

Dear Tr. Lyn,

I saw the longest bridge in the Philippines on the internet and I would love to visit the place.
Where is that located?

Hi, thanks again. I would love to share with you that it is a nice place to visit.

Check this out Tacloban City

That was my first time to visit the place, and it was really a visit to remember. I stayed for a half month because of my tutoring job and I stayed in the Oriental hotel.
I hope you can try to pass by the bridge: The San Juanico Bridge going to Samar. hehehe



Dear Tr Lyn,

Have you been in Palawan?. I never been there and I research about the place on the internet and I was amazed with its natural beauty.
Can you share about Palawan?


Hello guys, thanks for that. Yeah Ive been there and I am excited to share my experience with you. This is really worth visiting in the Philippines if you really like the nature.

Please read PALAWAN 

I hope you guys can visit this place. It is really fun



Dear Tr Lyn,

I wonder what your country offers us as a tourist and we would  like to know more about Manila.
Can you say something about Manila so we have idea about your capital place in the Philippines?

Hello guys, thanks for emailing me your concern. I am happy that you are following me in my writing career even though I am not a professional about this.
Well anyways I have written something about Manila and hope it will help you a little bit and I would like to say I am proud to be a filipino hehehe

Just read Manila  

I wrote about Manila Cathedral, transportation and a little bit of history.

Please enjoy reading :)